Your Two Choices

There will come a time, or a lot of times, possibly, where you're faced with a choice. The choice of whether to give up or move forward. These are the most important moments of your life and I want you to savor it if ever one comes your way.

Because the choice you make in this moment determines who you are. It is who you are. In this moment of utter defeat, where everything is telling you to lie down and stay there, we learn what we're really made of.

I bring this up because I was thinking about things we call "signs" this morning.

Like, if I wanted it to see it this way, I could say I've been writing for six years and no one's noticed. That's reason enough to stop. I gave it my best shot and it didn't pan out. Too bad, but let's pack it in and give something else a go for a while.

I mean, six years is a long time. If I were any good, I'd be somewhere with it by now, right?

Well, maybe. I don't know how to answer that question. I don't know how I'd tell if I were good at this.

But I do know that six years is apparently not enough time for my writing to have taken me somewhere. I can tell because it's been that long and it hasn't.

So that leaves me with that moment, that choice. Almost daily, I'm reminded that I could just give up.


That would have to be something I choose.

You see, life will beat you down when it can. It'll pile on and gang up and kick you while you're already on the ground just because that's what happens sometimes. I don't have a reason for why.

It doesn't get to keep you down. Not without your permission. The secret best kept from my generation is that we have so much energy inside of us, so much potential, waiting for us to make it kinetic.

We have to choose it. We have to stand up.

And no matter how hard life beats us, we can always stand up.