Your Something Else

Anybody who knows me at all will know how out of character this is. Here goes. You're never going to happy until you stop trying so hard to be happy. It's as simple and as hard as that. You're going to waste quite a few years trying your best to be happy and it's going to be just out of your grasp for a reason you can't quite think of, so let me repeat that.

You're never going to be happy until you stop trying so hard to be happy.

Think about it. You have that something. That thing that once you get it or once it happens, then you'll be happy. You'll graduate from school, and then your real life will start. You'll move out of that boring town, and then you'll have stuff to do at night. You'll get that job, and then you'll enjoy the way you earn your money. You'll buy that HDTV, and its LEDs will ease your worried mind.

None of it's going to fix you. None of it at all. I graduated. I moved. I got an internship in Hollywood. My DVD collection grows and grows. And you know what? I'm still exactly the same person with exactly the same concerns and insecurities.

So if it's not the life stage thing, and it's not the location thing, and it's not the career thing, and it's not the possessions thing, what is it? What's the secret? What's going to make us happy?

Ready for it? 'Cause this is big.

Absolutely nothing.

There aren't TVs big enough and locations tropical enough to mend you. We're all too broken for that and that's okay, but if you're anything like me, you're going to keep trying them. You'll accrue more things. You'll move. You'll job hunt.

And none of it will work.

Depressing, isn't it? You thought you'd come to my blog and read something that'd make you feel a little warm inside and hopefully make you laugh, and instead, I told you that nothing's ever going to make you happy.

Alas, this is not the end of the story.

Ever since I've stopped trying to be happy, to attain something that I don't already have, it's happened. I've been overwhelmed with it. I don't bounce off the walls and jump up and down in a circle with my friends over every little thing, but I know this is happiness.

I know I'm where I should be, doing what I should be, simply because I'm where I am, doing what I am.

(The commas probably aren't right in that sentence, but I thought they made it a little easier to read. Forgive me, grammar gods.)

And this isn't all to say you don't dream. I want you to achieve everything you set your mind to. I want you to reach for the unreachable and cry out in joy the moment you feel it in your fingertips. I want you to dream.

But I want you to stop thinking that in that moment your dreams come true, your happiness will as well. You might feel ecstatic in the moment, but what if it fades again? What will you need then to make you happy?

So whatever it is, that something else that you're waiting to complete you, let it go.

Instead, be happy now. Where you are. With what you have. That way, when those dreams finally come, you'll be ready.