Your Habit Will Be The Only Thing Keeping You Alive

I'm in the middle of a year-long goal that I've done my best to not tell many people about until it's over. Not because I'm worried about not finishing and being embarrassed. I can almost guarantee that won't be the case. It's because if you start talking about what you're going to accomplish and people are impressed by the endeavor, you get the rush of endorphins right there, and you feel less of a need to complete the task. But here's the thing. Even though I could tell you for almost certain that I was going to complete my task, I froze. Maybe because I have so much more time for it than I ever expected and maybe just because it's a hard goal and I'm a little tired, but I still got stuck in the mud.

I keep getting stuck in the mud.

There's only one thing that pulls us out when we're stuck like that. You probably already know because I wasn't subtle about the title of the post, but it's our habits.

If we write every day, we'll write again. If we don't, then maybe we won't.

There's no substitute. And good habits are hard to start and easy to end. The bad ones are quite the opposite.

Get the hard work out of the way right now. Make a habit.

Then all you have to do, for the rest of your life, is not break it.