Writing Is Rewriting

Hey, you. Do you like redoing the work you've already done? How do you feel about completing something just to pick it up a month or so later to recomplete it? If so, then writing may be for you!

Did I sell anyone there? I hope so. The world needs more writers. Or, as we'll be talking about today, rewriters.

A few months ago, I wrote a draft of a project Daniel and I are working on together. His work, by the way, is amazing. You wouldn't believe this is the first time the guy drew a comic.

As I look at what he's doing, though, and all the care he's putting into his part, I realize that the words I contributed, my role in the whole thing, aren't up to par.

In other words, I could do better.

So I pull up the first draft and start tinkering with it and a few days later, I realize it's taken me more time to rewrite two pages than it did to ever write the whole thing in the first place.

That's about the time that you'll find yourself wanting to put the keyboard down and pick up the nearest video game controller to get lost for a few hours.

Here's what I think is important from all of this: good work is not going to be easy. Easy work might not be good.

And you have to be some kind of foolish to commit to this writing thing.