Writing About Heartbreak

I've talked about it before, and maybe you've had a chance to read the first issue (hint: read the first issue), but I'm currently in the middle of the biggest writing project of my life. And it's a story about a world where people die from emotional pain. It's really hard to write.

First, there's simply the thing about writing a big project. A movie, a short story, those end in a few or a few hundred pages. Heartbreak World is meant to go on for as long as the stories can continue. It's an entire world I'm trying to build.

One full of horrible, horrible people.

And maybe a hero or two.

The point is, I have to tell stories within a full story. There's issues and then there's arcs and then there's the entire story. Each has to be its own story, but each small piece has to be a part of the bigger piece.

That's a crazy tightrope and the fact that I'm making this all up on my own – and I mean the world of the story and the skills to write said story – is a bit overwhelming at times. I feel too small to tell such a big story. Like I should tell someone better so I can still see the story come to life, but by someone who might be able to do it better.

I'm sure there are a ton of them out there.

Now, before it seems like I'm down on myself, I'm not. At least I don't think I am. I have my moments of inspiration. Those jump up from my chair because how did I not see this before moments. But mostly, I have the in-between times. The actual work of writing.

And I'm worried my story isn't safe in my own hands.

On top of that though, there's the whole thing about me not actually feeling any heartbreak currently. Makes it a little tougher to write about hard things when I've actually got it through my big dumb head that it's okay to be happy sometimes.

And no, that isn't an open invitation to try to make me unhappy. I worry that task may be easier than it should be.

And that about covers what's on my mind this morning.

What's up with you?