Wild Ones

There comes a point in every man's life where has to ask himself a singular question that will both haunt and define him for the rest of his days. It's a hypothesis he will spend the rest of his life aiming, trying, desperately needing to disprove, but he will never be successful. He can't be successful. The question that will follow him wherever he goes is simply this: "Why am I only attracted to crazy girls?"

It's a horrifying thought when you really come down to it. Every one of your ex-girlfriends for the history of your life has wound up to be crazy. And they didn't seem that way at first. No, they had to torture the realization out of you, or the information into you, before you really got the hint that, yes, they are plum out of their minds.

I've saved you a little trouble, everyone yet to realize this. I'm going to go ahead and boil down exactly why this is and save you nights up in your bed, unable to sleep because you can't crack the code. And stick with me, because it's unbearable simply.

You're only attracted to crazy girls because all girls are crazy.

Calm down, ladies. There's something for you here too. It's the same way you all are only attracted to jerks. And have you figured out why? It's because all guys are jerks.

Boy, we got some ugly truths out there, didn't we? Don't we feel better? Well, before we move too much further along, perhaps I should explain myself, because I bet a lot of you are thinking "Hey, I'm not crazy." Or "Hey, I'm not a jerk."

First, I hate to break it to you, but you're wrong. You know how your parents always told you that you could be anything you wanted to be? Well, that includes crazy or a jerk. We all have the capacity. If you don't think you're capable of it, you're just farther gone from reality than the rest of us. It's okay. We'll wait while you come back down to earth.

Now that we've agreed we all have the capacity, there's something else we need to face about this little thing called dating. When we lower our guards for a relationship, other people get to see the messes we usually hide. The crazy, jerky messes. We're not crazy and we're not jerks every second of our lives, but when people get to see what we usually sweep up under our rugs, it's easy to remember that humanity isn't all beauty. It's brokenness too.

It's in facing these sides of ourselves, and these sides of others, that something like genuine connection is possible. Scary, but possible.