Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Those of you who talk to me about my opinions of TV shows know that, first of all, I loved the beginning of How I Met Your Mother. Those first three seasons, I considered it one of my favorite shows (even though I only discovered it midway through the second or so). I thought it was innovative, fun, and had an awful lot of heart. That's my perfect sitcom blend. It's also no secret that after those first three seasons, I started to sense a downhill slide. I'm starting to think it's inevitable for TV shows to go downhill after a certain number of episodes because I can't find many examples of shows that don't. It seems that the ones that hold strong for so many seasons are the exception, not the rule.

That's why, when this season of How I Met Your Mother began, I was pretty excited. It seemed to have regained something I thought it lost. It was on the right track to being one of the shows I couldn't miss each week.

Then the latest episode happened. Be warned, for those of you behind on the show, there will be very light spoilers below. There's a character who comes back and I'm going to give my opinion on it. If you can't handle that, stop here and go look at pictures of cats.

At the end of the last season, they brought back my favorite ex of the main character. Her name's Victoria and everything about her was perfect. Until they brought her back.

The problem is, they didn't bring back the same Victoria. She went from sweet and playful to messy and kind of mean. They even did the age old thing where she makes Ted, the main character, choose between her and one of his friends. Ugh. Not only did they take the new season somewhere it shouldn't have gone, but now they're ruining my favorite moments from the best seasons of their show.

I hate that, with the modern sitcom, I have to hope that some of the ones I love get canceled so they can't fall any further.