Why I Should Get To Work On Community

I'm completely serious about this campaign. I need you to know that. I'm determined to get into the writer's room of season five of Community. Here's why I should be allowed. 1. I'm A Fan Don't underestimate the power of fandom. It's important when you're making a show like Community. Look at Megan Ganz. She loved the show before she was writing for it, then she got on it and did some of the best, craziest work we've seen in TV in a long time. After never having written for a sitcom before. That's awesome. It's the kind of results that come from hiring someone who loves what they're working on.

Sure, I doubt I'd get to have any real impact on the quality of the show, but imagine having the guy making your coffee believe that the coffee he's brewing is important because otherwise the show won't be quite as good. That's the kind of dedication you need.

Hire a fan. You won't regret the amount of work (and hours) I'd be willing to put in to make Community continue to be the best show on television.

2. I've Worked In TV Before A smarter list maker may have put this as number one, but I know it's not as important. I worked as an intern on season three of Burn Notice (and I can find my recommendation letter if you want), but that hasn't given me much ground before. I just think, for when you're trying to convince the studio and all of them about why you're hiring this guy, I'm not completely new. I worked on a successful TV show. I have IMDb credits. A few of them.

Yeah, fine. They're not all that impressive. But they're there. I know what production takes.

3. I'm A Writer What kind of people do you put into writer's rooms? Writers. That's what kind. Have the guy getting you coffee and buying you new dry erase markers when the old ones wear out a guy who wants to see how it all works. You'll get better results because I'll want it so much more than the guy who's just trying to punch the clock or the guy who'd rather be getting into the production side of things.

Sure, I haven't had anything of note made. That doesn't make me not a writer. In 2012, I wrote almost 60 short films. So far in 2013, I'm in the middle of my third feature length screenplay. All of this while maintaining a blog, a social life, and working forty hours a week.

If that's not a writer, I don't know how to define one. It is me. It's a part of me. Let me be a part of this.

4. I Can Be Quiet Let me listen and learn in the corner and I won't interrupt. I won't think I have better ideas than any of you. If there's something I really, really think I have to share (and it won't happen often because I'll be too busy absorbing), I'll raise my hand if I have to. I don't care. I don't want to mess up when you're doing. I want to help it. I want to witness it. I want to absorb it and have it change who I am as a person and a writer. I know that this is the room for that because I've seen through the seasons that this is a show that's so incredibly concerned about characters and people and change and growth. Give me that chance.

5. I'll Do Whatever You Need I've worked in factories and food service. I know how to do work I don't want to do. Give me whatever job you want, as long as I'm learning. I don't care. Let me in there and I'll clean the toilets if I have to. And I really, really hate cleaning toilets.

6. It Could Be An Internship Do I need to sign up for class credit so I can be in the room? Sure, I'll find a college that'll let me do that and I will. If school credit is what you're worried about, don't. I'll find a way to make it work.

7. I Need A Chance The hardest part about anything like this is that it'd probably be called "taking a chance" on me. I'm unproven, to a certain extent. But I know I can prove myself. I have no doubt about it. I've done that in every job I've ever worked. I did that on every project in school. I do that in my personal writing every day (Want to see copies of anything I've written? Just ask). I prove myself every chance I get.

8. Not Letting Me Would Be The Darkest Timeline We can all agree that we want to avoid the darkest timeline and the felt beards that accompany it as much as we can. Don't put me in that timeline. I don't want to be evil Michael.

9. My Life Is A Community Reference Ask anyone I work with or know. I talk about Community and reference Community jokes all the time. I've watched through the entire show more times than I'll admit. The hardest thing I do every day is not reference Community more. It'll be like having a walking, talking show bible around.

10. I Just Want It, Okay? If that hasn't been clear enough, this is something I really want. If I'm willing to make a fool of myself with this over-indulgent post, imagine the kind of effort I'd put into the job. Go ahead. Just imagine. Now let's make it happen.

I'm going to go ahead and update this list as much as I can. And if you're reading this and don't work for Community, spread it around. Maybe someone you know knows someone or that someone knows someone who knows someone. Eventually, this will find its way into the right hands. Help me. Take a chance.