Why I Like Comic Books (and Stores)

As you may have read recently, I'm trying something new. I'm experiencing the world of comic books from as inside as I can be (which isn't that inside when you've missed about 60 years or so of stories). It's an interesting experiment and it's taking up some of the time I have nothing else to do with and I'm finding something else. Something I didn't exactly expect. I'm loving it.

(I wish McDonald's hadn't ruined that phrase for everyone, by the way)

It's a whole new medium of stories. One that isn't limited by CGI budgets and opening weekend numbers and all of that stuff. There's probably a whole lot of politics involved in the whole thing, but like I said, I'm still on the outside so it's all fresh and so crazy fun.

There's another aspect to it that's just as appealing though. It's the stores. They have such a comfortable environment. I can just sit and flip through book after book and nobody will really care. They're used to people looking for that one specific issue that grabs their eye.

And the employees. Whoa. There was a guy last week who I had never met who talked to me for a half an hour about what I might like to read and when I didn't buy any of his suggestions (money isn't unlimited, after all), he threw in a free issue of one for me just so how I could see how I liked it. That's insane.

I've always known myself to be a little bit nerdy, but I'm finding myself in a whole new league lately. I'm finding stories that interest me and images that excite me and it's got me thinking about what I could possibly doing differently to tell stories like this.

Try it. Open up an issue or visit a store yourself. Especially if you're a girl. They'd LOVE that.