Whistles Unsuspiciously

So, we're just going to pretend that I haven't missed my Wednesday post twice in a row. Because I totally haven't, right? We can all just agree on that. Okay, fine. Let me explain. As I posted about last week, I have a new job. My new job has me working Monday to Friday. I cannot tell you the last time I actually worked on a Wednesday. It's been a year, probably.

But it's a poor excuse, really. I don't like excuses lately. They're not a reason for not getting something done most of the time.

Truthfully, the main focus of my creative energy has been on my new site with Daniel, www.damgoodcomics.com. I'm really proud of what we're doing there already. I hope it continues.

Of course, it's another good way to follow what I'm doing. It's possible I may start moving some of the more writing-focused posts over there. But then that begs the question, what do I use this site for?

It's all a little up in the air. I don't plan to make my blog go anywhere. I just have to decide what to do with it all.

Sorry for missing my deadlines. I'll properly get into this new schedule soon.