Where To

I'm at that awkward stage. No, not developmentally, but thanks for assuming. I'm at that stage between writing projects. I just finished a season of a webseries, so I could move on to a new season of that right away. I've been avoiding my feature-length thriller, so I could go back there. I have a lot of half-worked ideas I could rehash. But I'm always intrigued by the idea of new. Where can I go from here? What can I do now that I haven't already done before? This is both a wonderful and a terrible thing, because I'm constantly exploring, but I tend to leave projects half-finished.

Almost anywhere I look, I'm starting with a blank page. Like a monster hiding in a little boy's closet, blank pages haunt my dreams. Something about a lack of limitations does that to me. Once I have a story fragment and the world narrows, I can deal with it, but when I can write anything about anyone anywhere, I'm terrified.

I assumed I'd get the idea for a story or two from working my food service job, but all I've come up with is stories about someone who doesn't want to work in food service. Not exactly groundbreaking stuff.

Honestly, that's why I'm writing this blog post. I didn't know what else to write today. Forgive me if that sounds like my blog isn't important to me. It is. I value writing here a few times a week. I just know that my blog is fairly replaceable. I'm another struggling writer writing about writing. What's new?

My real work, my scripts, aren't so replaceable. They're me. They're my voice. A little piece of me that no one else could have written.

I guess, with that in mind, what I write next is a whole lot less important than just writing again. It's funny how many times I have to learn that.