When I Don't Write

We're coming to the time of the year where spending money is easier than ever and I've noticed a troubling habit. As you read about a month ago, I finished my yearly writing goal. And since then, I've been doing a lot of nothing writing-wise. For a while, I justified it as resting up after a long sprint, but it's changing. I can feel it. I can feel it because I find myself wanting to spend money I don't need to.

When we're doing the thing that matters to us, we don't have time for consumerism. We're too busy putting something out into the world to feel the need to hoard things in. Our art is selfless, the need to consume is selfish. They can't exist in the same space.

We'll always use one to drive out the feelings of the other. If we're not following our passion, we'll find something else to fill that void. For me, that's buying electronics or movies or the like.

I don't need to tell you which is better for you in the long run. Time for me to stop resting and get back to work.