What Kind of Day Has It Been

When I think about what this blog's become - essentially an outlet for the insanity that sometimes lives inside my head - I can't help but feel a little ... proud. Yeah, I think that's actually the word I mean there. For some reason, I'm glad I put all of the worst things I feel out into the hands of someone else for a while. Even if it's just two people and my mom reading it. Someone else knows and I don't have to hold it all myself for a while. That being said, I'm more than aware that this sort of thing doesn't lend itself to massive readership and fandom and girls throwing their bras on stage while I sing. Not that the last one is important to me. No, I don't even know where that came from.

Moving on.

I've decided, at this juncture in my life, to try to be more commercial. So let's try a few things.

The Bachelor is even a good TV show for men. Boy, those Republicans sure are crazy. Kony 2012 is the most powerful film I've ever seen (that may or may not be true in one sense or another). Angelina Jolie's leg was sticking out at the Oscars.

Anyone come to the site because of one of those sentences? I tried out some keywords that I thought might draw a little attention. Anyone? Yeah, I really didn't think so. I think I've got it all out of my system now.

We'll now head back to your regularly scheduled - some attractive female celebrity had her cellphone hacked! - programming. Whew. This could be tougher than I thought.