Well, We Tried

I've gotta say that the answers on the last post weren't really what I was expecting. I've gotta agree with the guy who said he'd punch me in the face though. I can think of a lot of people who would, myself included. After all, I know of so much more stupidity than any of you could even dream I'm capable of. I hope. Try not to keep your expectations of me too low. I guess I just wanted to hear more. Wanted to know there were a whole lot of us out there burning for something. Or maybe just burning because we burn.

I know they're there though. The ones that can't help but feel alive even though they'd rather not all the time. The restless and anxious and discontent. We're the ones who see the world not for what it is, or even for what it could be, but for what it really should be - better.

We're the ones who try our best, even at being completely wrong. Who long for friends long gone. Who still have to pull out their guitars and strum a few notes and sing at the top of their lungs when the world catches up to them. Or perhaps it's when the world falls too far behind.

I can be quite idealistic when I need to be.

And you know what? I really think I need to be. I could easily cling to my mistakes like lifeboats and never move past them, but the external critic is loud enough. I'm tired of being my own worst enemy when there are so many others lining up for the position. I have a laundry list of likely candidates.

And it seems that they'd like to punch me in the face even more than I would.