Wedding Bells Chime

There's a good chance you'll be reading this on the day my only brother gets married. What a weird time for me. I feel like I should be more grown up than I am, being the best man in the wedding and all. I don't know. Maybe you just never feel old enough for how old you are. That might not make sense. I'm writing this at 2:00am, after all.

I just always thought I'd eventually hit a point where I finally realized I was all grown up. I'd be a man. Ready to face the world. I haven't hit that yet. If that point even exists. I don't know that it does anymore. Maybe being a man and facing the world is all about being a man and face the world, even if you don't feel like it.

I hope that's what it is. I really want to be grown up.

But I don't think I am compared to my brother. All at once tomorrow, he'll become a husband and a father. And I'm supposed to be the one toasting him for making it that far? How can I when I don't even know what that far looks like yet?

All I know is what I see in front of me so many times. What skeptics like myself usually try to deny but just can't seem to - when you find love, when it's right there, you take hold of it and never let it go.

That's what I think being a man is all about. So here's to my brother, one of the many lately who have shown me just what that means.