Waking Up Early

When you wake up nearly an hour before your alarm, the first thing you do is an inventory of all the reasons that you could possibly be up: Does something hurt? Is something bothering me? Is there a loud noise or bright light? Do I need to go to the bathroom?

It's a survey to discover the answer to a seemingly simple question: why am I up all of a sudden before 5am?

Well, this morning, I found no answers. There were none to be had. I was just up.

I like to believe that I woke up early because I had something specific to write. It's just the call of the artist to be awoken inhumanly early to put something God-breathed onto paper, right?

Well, it wouldn't seem so. Among the things on my list of "why would I be up?", I included "burdened with glorious purpose" and that didn't check out either, I don't think. I didn't have anything I was dying to write out.

I mean, you see I'm writing a post solely on the premise that I woke up early.

It's an interesting premise, for sure. You can see it as a network TV show. Guy gets out of bed too early. All kinds of shenanigans happen after that. That's a pitch, Big TV conglomerates. Welcome me with open arms.

I think I've perhaps gotten off track a bit, though. What I really want to talk about is this - mornings aren't bad. They're good. Very good, in fact. Mornings let you write uninterrupted and walk your dog when it's quiet.

Don't run from mornings. Don't hide under your pillow until the sun hits its afternoon position. Find something great to do with your mornings. Find a reason to get up early and I bet the rest of the day will be a lot easier to face.

One last thought, and then I swear I'll let you go. I had a basketball coach in high school who told me something I doubt I'll ever forget. Some Saturday mornings, we'd have practice. He told us that for the morning, the longer we stay in bed avoiding the day, the less energy we'd have for the day.

Of course, this isn't probably true. There's likely no science of any kind to back that up. 

But just think about what life would be like if you wanted to get out of bed. What could you do? 

Anything, I'd bet. Just about anything.