Up Before The Sun

Lately, I've been trying something new to improve my writing for each day. I've been getting up before it's humanly possible to do some writing while it's still dark and freezing in my house. It's been great for my writing. It hasn't been so good for my consciousness.

First of all, waking up in the morning is almost impossible. When you've had a retail schedule for over a year (read: sleeping in an awful lot because you work late), getting up early consistently is not something you're good at.

I also find myself wanting to go to bed at about 10:30 every night. That's a weird experience. I love staying up nights. I always have. Wanting to go to bed that early makes it feel like I'm wasting the end of the day because I'm not staying up for it.

Lastly, I find it a little harder to focus than usual. Words don't come to me quite as easily when I'm speaking, I'm forgetting weekly routines and stuff like that. That's a little scary to have happening. If I think I'm too young to be going to bed before 11, I'm definitely too young to be forgetting things.

How do you deal with the things your dreams require?