If you're not in the mood for a rant, you may want to turn away now. A comment I saw about my last post, not left on my blog, mind you, but left in a Facebook comment on someone else's page, stirred up something in me that has long been silent. It's time we get this out of the way.

In my last post, I was taking the time to explain that nothing we look for is going to bring us this happiness we're desperate for, not a job or a new location or things, and this person pointed out that all we need for happiness is "love, grace, and forgiveness."

I don't like getting sucker punched with the Bible.

Let me explain my problem, in case it's not clear. I was talking about things we could attain - physical, tangible things. This person pointed out that I completely missed the really important things, like love and all that.

Right, because I never think about love. Please, browse my site for a while, then try that one again.

Anyway, since I seemed to miss those obvious ones, let's make a comprehensive list to cover all of the things I neglected. Here we go, the things required, absolutely necessary, for happiness:

Being alive.

Does that ruffle any feathers? I hope so.

While I can move past the idea that I was talking about the tangible and I got slapped with the intangible, I can't stand the idea that I was talking about something we have to gain and things like love, grace, and forgiveness were lobbed at me like a Jesus grenade.

Because I can't earn those, so then my happiness is, once again, completely out of my hands. The whole point was that happiness is a choice, not based on anything we can seek out, and then it was brought up that we should be looking for love, grace, and forgiveness.

I have a problem with that. If these things aren't given to us freely, aren't they meaningless? And if they're a tool to gain happiness, how can they mean anything more than that?

The last I noticed, love can cause as much pain as it does pleasure. Grace can be just as controversial as it is comforting. Forgiveness can suck as much as it saves.

With this in mind, and knowing that if we have to seek it out, instead of it running out the front door to meet us as we trudge up the driveway, how can love, grace, and forgiveness really cause us happiness? They're just more things we'll never have enough of.

Maybe this wasn't the intention of the comment. Maybe I'm getting it wrong. I've just spent so long seeing the "this conversation isn't spiritual enough, let me fix that for you" move that it wears me out.

My God is big enough to be where his name isn't mentioned. My belief in intangible realities like love and that other stuff is strong enough that it doesn't need a shout-out in an unrelated discussion.

So let me repeat this - what should we strive for to make us happy?

Absolutely nothing.

There. Any questions?