Training Someone Else

Today, as a part of my job, I'll have to train someone else. This is the first time that I've really been responsible for someone else's performance and I'm not sure I know exactly where I should start.

On the one hand, I got customer service and technical support training from one of the best companies in the world at that. On the other hand, the environment and technology at this job aren't anything like Apple. On the first hand again, customer service and technical support have the same principals anywhere.

On another hand entirely, maybe "customer service" isn't the best approach to begin teaching someone for the job we'll be doing. Maybe just a focus on technical knowledge is necessary.

I wrote some ideas down on my white board at work in big letters. I thought they were good ideas, but I wonder if the other people in the office walking by think so too. They might see me as idealistic when it comes to training this new employee.

You'd think with all of this that I was worried. It's not really that. I'm thinking about it, sure, but I don't feel anxious. It'll be okay. I know it will. I guess I hoped that by writing out my ideas, the back and forth, that it might shake an idea loose. A "where to start" or a "where to go" thought that would piece it all together.

Especially since his training starts in just a couple of hours (from when I'm writing this; a few hours ago from when you can read this).