There is only one day you're given. Absolutely only one day. You can't hold yesterday. It's already gone. You can't reach tomorrow, for it's not here yet. The only day, the only one, you have is today.

What are you going to do with it?

Graduation time always gets me thinking about futures and pasts and, most of all, presents. They get me wistful in ways not many events get me. Even though I'm not graduating, I know people who are. There are people for who things are changing.

And change means choice.

If you can, live each day with urgency. Be quick to help, quick to love, quick to laugh. Find something you love and let it drive you mad. Let it consume you. Let it create you. We are the sum of our passions. Add yourself up. Missing something? Add a little more.

There will never be another time to do something than right now. The longer you wait, the farther it is.

Carpe diem. Make your lives extraordinary.