Throw It All Away

Hello. It's me.

Sorry I've been gone so long. Working on scripts. I think I've said it before, but I was writing more blog posts just to avoid writing scripts, and that was frustrating me, so it was time for a step back.

I got the first draft of a superhero comic issue done. I took a day or so of writing something else and then I threw myself right back into it, writing another draft.

The results are pretty great so far. Not in terms of quality of writing because who really has any way of telling that, but in terms of forward momentum. In terms of the elusive getting stuff done.

With a little feedback, I learned that the second draft needed some changes. I've started making them. Shorter scenes. More interesting scenes. New scenes.

And I wrote a new scene. Then I decided it was bad and threw most of it away. Saved a few words here or there, but most of it's in the trash pile.

And that's okay! Because I got those few words. I got the kernel of something. Something new.

That's how we keep pressing forward. Ever forward.