This Isn't The Sound of Settling

A few people now have wondered when I'll be moving back to Los Angeles to continue following my dreams, so I wanted to take a little bit of time to address that.

A while ago, as late as probably 2014 or so, I thought what I wanted to do was write movies. That was the year that I began an "experiment" (which I put in quotes because it has turned into anything but) with writing comic book format.

So, here's the confession: when I lived in LA, I loved the climate and I loved being near "stuff" as a general concept, but I didn't really love the atmosphere. It felt like a class system and I was at the bottom rung and would be for years until I "earned it," whatever exactly that means.

I remember one particular film project I worked on. I won't say which, but there was a "big name" star involved and I was, like I said, at the bottom of the totem pole, doing whatever work was needed. I didn't go out of my way to talk to the guy, but him and I happened to be walking side-by-side, so I introduced myself.

A few minutes later, the assistant director came and talked to me. He told me to not talk to the star. A grown man had tattled on me for saying hello as we walked.

That was the start of my disillusionment. 

Enter comics into the scene. The next town over from where I am, Muncie, has a comic book store owned by one of the bigger names in comics. They regularly get big name artists and writers in the store for signings. Both the owner and all of the stars they've brought in have been nothing but graceful and kind when it comes to meeting fans/aspiring creators like me. A few of them have even gone out of their way to ask about what kind of projects Daniel and I are working on, even though there's been a line of people behind us waiting to talk to them too.

They say as you grow older, one of the benefits is that you get to pick who you're friends with. You don't have to be friends with someone because they live next door or because they're who your parents want you to spend time around.

It's the same for dreams. My love for film has always been in the writing of it. The atmosphere of it all just seems too toxic for someone of my temperament.

But comics, for as many problems as it probably has, seems welcoming.

So no, staying in Anderson, working on comics with Daniel, and keeping a job I really appreciate near the people I love is not settling. It's finding home.