This Is Not Who We Are

When I danced with my mom at my wedding, I picked what is probably not a common song. There were the obvious ones about relationships between moms and sons and probably even songs about weddings. They're all, frankly, a little corny. I couldn't do it.

I picked a song called "More Like Love" by Ben Rector. You can listen to it on YouTube here, though there's no telling if that link will be taken down. In case you don't listen, the chorus is simple:
Now I just want to look more like love.
I just want to look more like love.
This whole world is spinning crazy; I can't quite keep up.
It's the one thing around here that we don't have quite enough of.
So I just want to look a little more like love.

I picked the song not because I thought it applied to that particular moment in time but because it applies to every particular moment. I want that song to be in my head every time I think about doing something stupid, something selfish, something that helps me but hurts another.

That song is in my head this morning and I'm struggling with the feelings that come with it. Something has happened and I didn't cause it, but I'm afraid of where it could be taking us.

I've been of voting age for three elections now and this one has been immeasurably more nasty than the other two. This election thrived completely on an Us Vs. Them mentality and I think it was probably won on it. The more compelling side seemed to better project the need of protecting an Us from a Them and that's where we're left.

What worries me is the definitions of Us and Them. Will people I care about be considered Them? Will people I don't even know but deserve rights just the same as you and I be considered Them? And if so, who will protect Them?

These are questions we don't know, but there is one thing I think I can say with certainty: This Isn't Us.

America is acceptance, and this is straying a little to things more personal to me, but Christianity is acceptance too. Don't believe the scary people you see on TV that tell you they're for something or that they believe something. There are good Americans that want to protect the rights of all people. There are good Christians who want to love all people.

It is now, of course, on us to reveal what we are, if this is not us. It is up to us to love and protect and fight and rally and cry together. I hope that we'll actually do it. I hope this churning in our collective stomachs last more than just today, and this week, and this year. I hope we move forward and find something like healing for a broken people.

I hope we learn, every day, to look a little more like love.