This Ain't Goodbye

Today, my best friend will drive out of the state and cease to call it home.

Just last week, we took his nameplate off of the office door just down the hall from mine.

I'm not enough of a monster to want my friends to not get what they want most in life. I'm just not enough of a social human to make friends very easily, so when it's time for one to go, I don't know what to do.

And I am happy for him, so please don't tell me to be. He's going to be doing bigger things in better places. It's exciting. I'm probably a little jealous, too, of the weather and the city.

I just hope we can continue to be the close friends we've become. It's harder, you know, to stay as close when you're far apart. I've experienced it with Caleb, who's in Texas, and Jason, who's in Colorado, and even Jordan in California. You want to keep up, but it's not always easy.

Daniel and I are still going to make comics together. That'll help keep us close, I'm sure. Maybe it'll give us more time to put out even better work, because we won't be quite as distracted by things like Mr. Robot and board games. 

But Daniel, as happy as I am for you, and as proud as I am of you for following your dreams, I'm going to miss you. Come back often and text me more than necessary.