The Worst Feeling You Could Possibly Have

There are a lot of bad feelings in the world. Among the top ones that immediately come to mind, there's the stomach flu, the first notes of a Nickelback song coming on Pandora and realizing you're out of skips for the hour, and of course, falling out of love. I think there's one worse though. It's the hold onto the walls of the shower cause you're almost falling over if this were a movie all sound would be cut out for dramatic effect never recover from it because it's your own fault type of feeling.

The feeling, of course, is knowing that you forgot a good idea. It's devastating to a creative person because all it would've taken was three or four seconds to write it down, but you thought you were better than that, so you didn't. And now you don't remember. And there goes your Oscar or Emmy or whatever award then give you when you paint something better than anyone else painted something in the last year.

I had one of these experiences this morning, in case you couldn't tell. I had the idea yesterday at Olive Garden (useful that I can remember that specific fact, isn't it?) and I didn't write it down because I was dunking a breadstick into my soup and that's never a good time to jot something. So I didn't.

So this morning, I'm in the shower and just the hint of the idea comes back to me. That's how it always happens, don't you know. You remember that you had a good idea, but all you can remember is where you were and what you were doing and how good it felt to have that good idea. You don't remember the idea. Why would you? You already had it. The Muses already gave it to you. It's not their fault you lost it.

So, this post is, above anything else, an advocation for paper and pencil or a notetaking app or a voice recorder or at least a better memory than mine. Don't do what I've done. Don't be who I've become, this hollow shell of a human huddled in the fetal position on the living room floor. Write things down. Keep your good ideas close. Once they're gone, you'll never get them back.

But don't worry. I did remember to write down this gem of an idea - "Space Heater: some dudes heat up outer space." So yeah, I'd say my Oscar chances are secured. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.