The Whiff of Death

I realize by this point everybody just thinks I'm being too melodramatic about the effect this sickness is having on me. Everybody, as usual, would be wrong. This sucks. Blake Snyder, in his book about screenwriting, mentions that every screenplay has to have a whiff of death in its lowest point to emphasize the life-or-death stakes of the story. Something, in some literal or metaphorical sense, has to die.

This is apparently where the idea that I'm capable of getting better goes to die.

My whatever this is has progressed from what I thought was the flu (although a week later the doctor said I didn't have that), to doctor-diagnosed bronchitis (though I didn't feel like he talked to me long enough to get my name, let alone any type of symptoms), and now we're at sharp pains under my right ribs whenever I breathe.

I keep saying it can't get any worse. I keep waiting to be wrong.