The Strong Silent Type

I talk too much. Some of it's for work and some of it's to keep this blog up and running, but I say a lot more than I really need to. That's not to say I'm going to stop because, well, stopping work seems like it'd have some kind of adverse effects and stopping this blog doesn't sound like any fun at all. It just puts me in an interesting position related to my newest script. It's a story of a man who wakes up in a horrible situation and he can't remember why. A Jason Bourne without any of the training or, let's call it what it is, superpowers.

For the first ten pages of the new script, he doesn't say a single word. And it's completely on purpose.

Now I've never had amnesia and I don't really plan on getting it to document my reactions (would I remember it if I did?), but it seems to me that if I woke up with no memory of anything and my life in danger, I would be saying less and thinking/acting more.

It's great thematically. It's horrifying to write. No backstory. No exposition. No friend to talk to that can help the character along. He has to move solely on what happens to him and what he can make happen. Mainly the second one, if you're looking for an active protagonist, I suppose.

It's a worthwhile experiment though. It shouldn't work, but it feels like it does so far.

I forget how easy it is for me to have some place to write stuff down or people I can sound ideas off of. Working with a character who essentially has neither while he's trying to figure out how to stay alive provides me with a little perspective on things.

And it just feels so cool to have a main character go ten pages without talking.