The Secret To Happiness

I'm going to do something I never do and give away one of my dearest of secrets. Because the truth is, I know exactly what it takes for you to happier. Not all the time, not permanently, but I know what it takes for you to end days with the thought "You know what? That was a good/okay/not bad day." The secret, simply, is your alarm clock.

Look at it right now. For when's it set? (I really, really hate the way sentences sound when I put prepositions in the right place, by the way) For me to make it to work on time with having done everything I need to do in the morning to be ready for work (including the drive), I have to get up two hours before I have to be there. So when do I set my alarm?

For an hour even before that.

There. That's the secret I'm going to share with you. Get up earlier. That's what it takes to have a better day. Make yourself a cup of coffee, shake off the "I should still be asleep" feeling (because you shouldn't be) and get down to business on a project that matters to you. Nevermind what it is. Do something important to you.

Then after an hour, pack it up for the day and get ready to go to work.

This has been my key to accomplishment, but the surprising part is it's the same key that unlocked happiness as well. I'm much happier when I'm getting stuff done. Everyone is. Dissatisfaction is the source of so much of our happiness.

So do something you love. Even if it takes a while to convince yourself that sleep is for some reason more important.

I guarantee you, it isn't. "Well done" is better than well rested any day of the week.