The Ones Unburdened With Dreams (Poem)

I never thought I'd do this. I remember telling myself, and other people, that this poem in particular, but all of the poetry I write in general, is just for me. That I'd never show it to anybody. Well, I've stumbled on it over a year and a half later now, and for some reason, I feel like sharing it. I'll readily admit it's not perfect. Poetry isn't my strongest suit. I present it to you in its entirely unedited form. Untouched since March 19, 2011.

Even if it's not amazing, I think it has something important to say. I hope.

The Ones Unburdened With Dreams

I envy the ones unburdened with dreams Whose day-to-day life still somehow gleams Who, looking down the road, it seems Is happy with today's ways and means.

I loathe the ones, like me, who long To follow their rights and avoid their wrongs Who try to recapture what's already gone To only be singing what's never been sung.

I seek out the ones who don't need their wings And listen to their tales of lighter things I envy the ones unburdened with dreams But maybe, somedays, they too envy me.