The Desert Places

I finished another draft of Indy Film, for those of you playing along at home. This one took me 27 days. 110 pages in less than a month. Would it be rude to say that I amazed even myself? I shouldn't be able to write that fast. I procrastinate. I loathe the writing while it's happening. I complain and I sulk and I play too many video games. Somehow, I did it anyway.

How god-like I am isn't the topic of today's post though. It's about what I do in between drafts. I know I need to put away a script for a while before I can edit it, but I always find myself stumbling about from project to project aimlessly until I get back into what I was working on before.

So instead of me giving my opinion about something, today I'm going to do it a little differently. I'm going to ask you what you do. When you're between big projects, what do you use to fill the time, to keep yourself sharp?

Or, if you'd rather, what do you think/want me to write in my downtime? I'm open to requests and maybe even a challenge or two.

Do your worst.