The Big Reveal

All right, everybody. That time is finally here. The time you've been waiting for most of your lives or at least since Wednesday since that's when I announced that you had something for which to wait. The point is, your wait is over. The anticipation has properly built (I hope). The time is now. If I were on network TV, I'd be able to get people to chant "Move that bus!", but since I'm not, I'll just make a new paragraph and tell you there. At the beginning of this year, I made myself a resolution. This year, the fantastic year of 2012 (I thought it would be a great year in January), I was going to write 52 short films. The way I saw it, if I could average one short film a week, I'd be making pretty good time.

I just finished short film number 52 five minutes ago. A year's goal in less than nine months. Ten of them this week alone. Four of them on Tuesday. This is what my app I was using to track it looks like now.

That feels pretty good. If nothing else, this says I'm a writer. That's what I need right now - a defined sense of self.

The point I bet you're wanting me to get to, though, is how this all relates to you. I'm pretty sure I promised this would change your whole lives. Well, to be quite frank, it does. It confirms that not only am I as awesome as you previously thought I was, I'm even more so. I exceeded your expectations.

And mine too. I never thought I'd come up with ideas for 52 short films in a year. I still don't think I will even though I'm already done. We have these limits we set for ourselves, these guidelines we know we have to follow because, hey, we thought of them. Nothing holds us back more than them.

I'm going to start making it a habit to do the impossible instead.

P.S. If someone decides they want to make 52 short films in a year, you should get in contact with me. We may be able to work together.