I've Lost That Righteous Anger

There was a series of about two weeks where I thought I was writing some actually good blog posts. Things with some content worth reading. I had ideas planned out days before I had to write them. I thought I had finally gotten blogging, whatever that means.

Turns out, no. I was just unhappy with some stuff and that's easy to write about. When I'm not so unhappy, it seems, I don't have that fuel to write something on here.

Because who wants to read someone gush about something they're happy about? Telling your friends how happy you are is one thing. It's a great thing to celebrate with those closest to you. Telling everyone with access to the internet? Not really my style.

So it seems that when I'm not bothered by something, consumed by something, I don't have much to post about here. But I try to keep my regular schedule anyway.

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy I'm not unhappy. I'd just rather not feel like I'm wasting your time or annoying you with posts that you might not want to read.

Which, I guess, is probably remedied by you just not reading them. So then I wonder if I should be keeping a public blog at all.

Anybody want to tell me what they think?