Thanksgiving's Greetings

Hello world. I'm writing from the comfort of my family's home. As I write, I'm being attacked by a ball of white joy, a puppy named Buddy, and my stomach is full from the wonderful meal that I literally did nothing to prepare for. Okay, I poured my glass of apple cider, but I'm not going to take any credit past that. The only reason I write all of that is to say that I'm thankful. Not needlessly so either. I have everything. I even have enough money to buy whatever else strikes my fancy. I'm so incredibly spoiled.

It's not that I haven't worked for a lot of things. I've taken jobs I didn't want for a good deal of my life. Now I have one I do want, so that's no longer the case, but I've worked my share of terrible jobs. I know what hard work is like.

And yet I still have so much more than someone else in my position. Why? What did I do to deserve it? Nothing, as far as I can see. I was born into the right family in the right time in the right place, I guess.

So many other people weren't so lucky. It hurts me to think about that. I wish there was more I could do, but quite honestly, there isn't much. I could give money, and I do give some here and there, but that never feels like enough. I could go places and help, but how do you choose between the places that need help? And how do I take time off to do these things? I feel like I barely get a day off the way it is.

I have more than enough, and other people don't. All at once, I'm thankful and saddened. The holidays always bring out the weirdest sides of me.