Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

I may have adopted the best dog in the world. I just so happen to be the worst owner. A few weeks into owning Maddy and she's been almost the perfect angel. Her infractions so far include still wanting to tear your arm off on a walk, eating a chapstick and drinking some Starbucks, and two visits to the bathroom trash to eat a Q-tip. By all accounts, she's being great.

I, however, have been anxious and impatient and sometimes even too lazy to work with her. She's got an unending barrel of energy, it seems, and I can't seem to find any toys in the house to get her to play with to burn some of that. It's been all walks for her exercise, and it's been cold and very icy. And like I said, she likes to pull.

It'll be easier when it gets warmer. I can spend more time with her outside. Hopefully give her what she needs in that area. I still question if I was ready for a dog. I should have been living somewhere with a backyard I could let her explore, probably. She'd have a lot more fun at a place like that.

This isn't me saying anything in particular other than I still have fears. We're going to the vet in just a few minutes, so it'll be nice to get her checked out. I'll also try to enroll her in dog obedience classes, but I'm worried that the way she reacts around other dogs will prevent her from learning anything, or worse, will get her kicked out.

Things are going well, but I'm worried. Isn't that a perfect way to sum me up?