Will Work For Free (On Community Season 5)

1. A character is in a zone of comfort. As it stands right now, things are going pretty well. I have a job where people like me (I think? Now that I'm typing it, it seems really vain to assume). I rent a house I like living in near my friends who like hanging out with me in a town that's familiar. I am, for absolutely every intent, in my zone of comfort. I'm at a place where change wouldn't be necessary, if I didn't want it. But, as any good story is prone to cause --

2. But they want something.

Something spectacular has happened in the last month or so. There's this show on TV called Community. Maybe you've heard me talk about it once or twice. If you have, it's possible you've heard me say things like "it makes me feel like I'm not alone" and "it's a show that made solely for me."

This is why, like most other shows that I seem to have this level of absolute adoration for, I keep expecting it all to end. This was especially worrisome when the creator, Dan Harmon, was fired, sometime around then it was supposed to be moved to Friday, then it was on an "indefinite hiatus" until it finally came back with new showrunners and diehard fans could feel the difference. It was a terrible salad of awful that seemed like it could only add up to Community never coming back.

Somehow, it survived the fourth season. And despite the difference, it was still, at its core, Community.

Then, even stranger, it did something more impossible. It got a fifth season. And even more impossible than that, Dan Harmon has been brought back to run it.

These two facts alone lead to number two on my story circle - I want to work on the new season of Community. I want to be able to learn from Dan and the staff of writers how they make the stories that they do. When a show like this connects like it does, you can't help but want to be a part of it.

3. They enter an unfamiliar situation

Here's where it becomes really tricky. My experience on a TV show is minimal. I worked as an intern on Burn Notice Season 3 and did really well (go ahead, ask them), but I never got a chance to work with the writers. Burn Notice shoots in Miami and the writers live in Los Angeles. The only writers I ever saw were on set paying pretty close attention to their episode being shot.

But I have a bargain in return, if my passionate plea happens to fall on any ears willing to help. I'll do ANYTHING. If you want me to sit in the corner and just take notes and bring coffee for the season, I will. Pay me just enough to pay my bills or don't pay me at all. I'll figure out. I just need to be in that room.

I don't need a title or my name in the credits or even the opportunity to share ideas. Yes, I'd take them all, but I don't need them. What I need, to keep my story going, is to get into the writer's room. To face the unfamiliar.

So that way I can --

4. Adapt to it.

I'm a quick learn. I'm ready for the challenge. Seriously, ask Burn Notice, if anyone from season three is still around. They loved me. Throw me in the water. I'll swim.

5, 6, 7, 8.

There's another half to this story's structure I can't fill out yet. I'd really like to get what I want out of this, wouldn't mind skipping the "pay a heavy price" part, and would be okay without returning to the familiar situation (having changed), though I guess if I believe in story as much as I do, I have to assume all of it will happen the way it should.

So what now?

Well, I don't know, exactly. This is another one of my half-baked plans like all the blogs I start and never take anywhere and all the videos and websites I want to make.

If you know Dan Harmon, show him this post. If you know anyone at Sony or NBC or anyone else involved with the show even slightly, show them. If you don't, maybe just forward it along to someone else who might. It can't hurt any.

And please, if you have any other ideas for making this happen, help. Let's get me out of my zone of comfort and into this story. It's one worth telling.

Oh, and I've come up with a hashtag for it. Lame, I know, but I might as well. I'm going with #michael4humanbeing. If you've seen Community, you get it. If you know about Donald Glover's Spider-Man campaign, you really get it. Let's try this out. Maybe I'll go viral.