Super Secret Project

Know what's awesome about working on a secret project? Well, just about everything. There's one thing that's not awesome though. It's that I'm used to writing about what I'm writing on here as a way of working through the things I'm feeling about it. I can't do that with a secret project.

But I am working on one.

And it's a doozy. It's stretching my writing skills in ways I didn't think possible. It's making me work for each and every word.

When it's done, it's going to make quite the spectacular little surprise, I think.

Don't get me wrong though. That time is a few months away. And when all is said and done, it'll probably be about a grand total of 100 words.

When I think about it that way, it almost doesn't seem worth the effort I'll be putting into it.

Just wait'll you see it though. Then you'll know. Then you'll see.

Until then, back to it.