Special Easter Edition

I don't know what prompted me to want to have a special blog post today, but I'm feeling it. And I think I'm going to talk about something I don't usually bring up. Belief.

You might not know this looking at me most days, and this might not be why I talk about it all that much, but I believe in things. I believe in God.

For those of us that do, today's important.

Today represents the day that hope is rewarded. That all is not lost.

That there is a tomorrow.

Right now, you can't imagine how much I need that.

I've been feeling stuck lately. You saw it yesterday. "What do I have to give?" I asked.

Maybe what seems like the end is not an end. Maybe it's just a whole new kind of beginning.

He has risen

And because He has, on the mornings when I'd rather stay in bed and hide from the world, so can I.