Something Unexpected Happens

This morning, I was on my run as I usually try to convince myself to be on days off such as today. Especially when it's so beautiful and I have to spend so much time inside. So I was on this run, minding my own business, listening to the uptempo music that keeps my feet moving when I'd rather fall over, when along my path, I spy this little brown and white dog. A cute little guy with ears pointing straight up to the sky like someone just put a gun to his back and asked for his wallet.

I looked around, but saw no one around that could be friends with this little guy. It wasn't that he was on a walk with his human and wandered off. It was that he had gotten out.

I'll admit, my first instinct was that this wasn't my problem. That someone was surely just over the hill looking for him and would crest it in a moment in a charming reuniting worthy of a slow motion musical montage.

But as I took about four steps away, I remembered having a dog as a kid. I remembered how much he meant to me and how panicked I was if he ever got out the front door and on the street. And I pictured what I'd feel if I came around the next lap of my run to find this dog in the road.

So I tried to catch him. He ran away from me, so I got frustrated and went back to my run. I figured if I couldn't catch him, I shouldn't chase him. Have you ever tried to catch a dog? They're quick.

Half a block later, I notice that he's now chasing me. I resign myself to delaying my run and finally catch him.

On his collar, a name and a phone number are scratched in, and though I can't quite read them, I think his name's Lucky and I try to call his owner. No answer.

And no leash, so I'm holding a dog by the collar as I try to call what may be the right number to get him home safe.

Next, I do what any sane person would do and google "found a lost dog." There's some advice, but of course the places that can help aren't open for another 2 hours.

Finally, I get in touch with the owner, and a local security person who brings me some rope to keep the dog contained, and I get the dog back to her and her kids.

So, all before noon, I got to run, made a new canine friend, and did a good deed. It's a good day off so far.