Something To Show For It

There's a thing about the format of writing I tend to gravitate towards - it doesn't seem to mean much unless someone makes it. What I mean is, I've been writing scripts for the better part of five years. A little longer if you count the years where I maybe got five pages written a year. The point is, I've been at this for a while, and with very few exceptions, all I have to show for those years is just words on a page.

Think of it like you designed buildings for a living. You drew up the plans and put a lot of care into them, but no one would ever actually build the buildings you created. It's a lot like that. Sure, it's good for its own sake, but it was never meant to just be a picture on a large piece of paper.

It was made to be created further.

Last night, Daniel sent me a text of a dream coming true. A comic book I wrote has been brought to life with his art. It feels so good to be able to say that. It feels good to be able to say we made something together. It feels good that someone thought something I wrote was worth continuing.

Now, this would be a cool time to show you some art, and I want to, but trust me when I say you're going to want to take it all in at once. Daniel and I will probably go through and review everything, make sure it's all cleaned up and all that, but the timeline is soon.

As soon as I can show you, I'll show you.

I'm so excited. Can you tell?