Sing Happy

"I'm only in the market for long, loud laughter." Know what's great to think about once in a while? Every little thing that makes you happy. I mean everything. Take a survey. Scan your head and your surroundings and your phone contact list for the things and the people that bring you joy.

We need a little joy more than ever, it seems.

Let me offer this example. Last night, Josh, John and I ordered way too much pizza and watched the Flash/Arrow crossover from The CW. Not a banner night by any modern standards, but it was just so fun. We watched superheroes do their thing and ate unhealthy, but delicious food.

That's all it was.

It's all it needed to be.

Now I want you to stop reading for a second, close your eyes, and think about something, anything really that brings feelings of happiness. I know I have a hundred more moments like the one I mentioned above that I could conjure. Instead of the bad thoughts I find myself singing along to at all times.

And of course there are things we have to deal with. There's a lot of bad going on around us and around the world.

But never forget to allow yourself as much happiness as possible. No one will blame you for needing to sing a happy song now and then.