Day two of the sickness and it's only showing moderate signs of improvement. When one symptom starts to feel better, the others start to feel worse. It's like my body is ganging up on me (which makes no sense) to torture me. You know what I'm going to do about it?

Lay back and take it, I guess. I don't have any other choice. Most times, I'm honestly too tired to watch the movie I have playing. That's the saddest part, I think. The best part of being sick was that I thought I'd finally get to take advantage of my Netflix subscription. Not so much. I'm watching it, sure, but I'm not really watching it. Know what I mean?

And my girlfriend, she's a trooper. She's sat with me for the better part of two days now, knowing full well that she could catch this outbreak of some medieval disease that I contracted by pure luck (if I didn't have bad luck...). I can't speak strongly enough on the importance of a girlfriend.

...even if you have to turn the fan on so she doesn't hear everything in your body evacuating at once.

I don't know if these sick diaries will mean anything to anyone out there. I just hope you all can learn from my mistakes and not catch this awful malady. My mistake being, of course, that I allowed myself to be around other people who have the germs. Which is really impossible to prevent.

All that to say, stay inside kids. Don't go out no matter.

Because if you do, you'll just end up stuck inside anyway.