Shutter Island

There's something I want to talk about and it comes from my personal tastes in movies. Note that I'm not saying that it comes from what movies are "good" but that it comes from movies I like. That's just how anyone talks about movies (or music or art) but I think we sometimes forget that. Our opinion is right on whether or not a work of art is "good" and anyone who disagrees is just stupid. The movie I want to talk about is Shutter Island, as you may have guessed from the title of this post.

I had some people tell me recently that it was terrible. I asked them why and they said it was predictable. Regardless of whether or not I think you missed the last moments of the movie if you think you predicted it, that's not the point I want to discuss. The point is that every single genre movie is going to be predictable. Mysteries will uncover the killer and he'll be caught or he won't. The romcom couple will fall in love or they won't. In the western, the good guys or the bad guys will win.

That's just what story structure does.

Not only should Shutter Island have ended the way it did, it HAD TO end the way it did. Sound crazy? It's not.

It's hard to get into without spoiling the movie, but I'm going to try.

The story takes place at a huge insane asylum. Insanity is part of the theme. All of the characters are confronted with it in one way or another.

If the movie hadn't ended the way it did, it would've been missing something. Thankfully the ride to get there was interesting. At least it was to me.

Let's stop discrediting movies for having endings we can see coming. That's okay. It's when we don't like the journey to get there that we blame it on the ending.

Then again, the Coen Brothers really seem to test that theory sometimes.