Short Term Gains

If you've been around for a few years, and I mean around my writing and me on social media, you know that I used to be a lot more active on things like Twitter and Facebook. I enjoyed trying to think of funny/clever/interesting things to say in short forms on those platforms.

Lately, if you still follow me, you know it's mostly business. I post about my free comic and blog posts I've written. I post about friends who are making things I like. It's less about trying to be noticed and retweeted and more about business.

It's because I decided I was less interested in short-term gains. 

I posted a Facebook status yesterday morning and logged in today to see that I had 21 likes on what I had written. That's more than I normally get and maybe close to more than I've ever gotten. For a moment, I felt some sort of feeling of pride.

And then that moment was gone.

Short-term gains are just that - short-term. They don't last for too long. I won't want my legacy to be "one time he wrote a tweet that got a few favorites." May just be my opinion, but that doesn't seem to be something on which to plan a future. Do you remember how well that TV show based on a Twitter account did?

I get frustrated sometimes when I think about how long I've been writing and to such little notice. I think that if I was ever going to make it, it would have happened by now.

That's just now how investments, the good ones, work. They don't pay off when you want them to, but when they're ready to. And sometimes, unfortunately, not at all.

But that's the joy of investing in something you love. Even if you never see a pay-out, it won't have been time wasted.