Short Form Writing

I've been thinking a lot about Twitter and Facebook lately. Normally, that sentence would probably be great cause for concern, but I think it's good to think about these things. Let me explain.

I used to post on Twitter a lot. I mean an awful lot. I valued it. I thought it was a form of writing. It, of course, can be. There are people who use social networks for many important things - reporting breaking news, telling stories in creative ways, and even just some people who tell genuinely good jokes on the platform.

Unsurprisingly, there is a danger to it too.

It seems when you think in short thoughts, it can be hard to focus on long form things. I know when I was focusing on writing for Twitter, I spent a lot less time thinking about writing anything else.

I got almost no scripts done during my social media obsession years.

Then, without consciously planning anything, I started diving more into my scripts. I built worlds on the page and suddenly 140 characters didn't seem like nearly enough. I wanted more room to create.

And so I started tweeting less. My creative thoughts turned from "oh, that'd be interesting to tweet" to "oh, that's a good idea for a story."

Of course, there are about a million people who have gotten famous from their tweets and zero Michael Ulrichs that have any success from their scripts, so I'm not saying I'm right in all of this.

I'm just saying that if I think about it, if people were to talk about my body of work, I'd rather they mention the scripts I've written, or even the blog posts, rather than the tweets and Facebook posts.