Shake the Dust

I've got cobwebs in my head lately. It's a mess up there of scattered thoughts and messy worries and I can never seem to shake them quite clear enough to get a moment's peace. There's always something to worry about.

When you're in a place like this, where there's a lot going on in your head and you can't quite pin down what to address, I've always found a good way to trick yourself is to put your finger on just one thing and see what it fixes. It's like when you're packing for a trip and you know you're forgetting something, but you're just not sure what. Remembering "Oh, I forgot (some specific item)" can help take the worry off your mind for a while, even if it's not the main thing you're forgetting.

What I've latched on to now is "signal-to-noise ratio." I get so many notifications about so many things so many times a day that I'm having trouble focusing on what the important ones are. It's a little overwhelming to not check your phone for a few hours and to come back to ten things you need to address, even if you know they're not all important.

So I've been turning off push notifications for some apps on my phone and unsubscribing from any emails I can. I've even toyed with the idea of turning email notifications off on my phone and setting times to check email. I think I read a Lifehacker article once that recommended it.

What I'm worried about most is how scattered it's making my morning writing time feel. Like I said, I can't really find that moment's peace, and that makes it more than a little difficult to write. I find myself opening new tabs and looking at the internet more than I have in a long time because I guess I'm just so used to distraction that I'm creating it.

And sure, it's natural for writing to ebb and flow. There will be good days and bad days.

I'm just not willing to have a lot of bad days in a row without fighting to get a good one.