Seven Months or So

So depending on how you calculate it, my girlfriend and I just shared our seven month anniversary. This isn't going to be one of those posts where I brag a whole lot about it, I don't think. It's just probably the most significant event happening in my life right now. Not that seven months is a big anniversary on the chart of big anniversaries. It's just significant to me and her.

My friends tell me how much happier I am, how much better I am to have her in my life. Want to know a secret? I agree. Oh, and it's not really a secret. Not if you know me. I'm better because she's around. Even though sometimes my natural reaction to things is to be awful.

I feel a sense of comfort with her that I don't remember feeling before. Even if she weren't my girlfriend, she'd be one of my best friends. I like that. I like that even when I'm not feeling the most cuddly, probably because I just ate too much, I still want her around. I still want to be in the same air as her.

Now, I don't doubt that none of this is new or particularly interesting to any of you. Those of you in relationships are probably shouting into your computer screens "yeah, act like you've been there!" and those of you out of them probably have just closed your browser tab and are onto more important things at this point. Maybe everyone's closed the page at this point. It very well could be.

Here's what I've got that I think you can use though. Be fully present in your situations. I tend to pull my iPhone out at any time in any situation. And as much as it's a device for connecting to the outside world, it doesn't connect me to people, really. Not many of them.

If I had my phone out that night Mikayla first said hello, would I have heard her? Would I have walked over to her table and talked to her about slam poetry and the mountain of textbooks that mostly hid her from sight?

Maybe I would have, but I doubt it. Because as much as she was physically hidden by her books, I would have been emotionally hidden in my technology. Or any other thing we choose to let distance us from our present.

And then I would have missed out on these seven great months.