Set a Goal, Any Goal

Recently, my friend Josh asked if we could set goals for ourselves in the morning and check in towards the evening to say if we've accomplished them.

We both picked writing goals.

So far, it's been immensely useful. I'm realistic in the morning. I know that I'm not going to knock out 5 pages. I tell him I want to write down a certain beat of the story or just what the next plot point will be. If I get that, I've accomplished what I meant to.

Accomplishing what you mean to, even if it's a small meant to, is rewarding.

What's in front of you right now that seems overwhelming? What seems like you won't get it done? How can you break it down into small goals?

When you do that, and you reward yourself with a good feeling with each small accomplishment, you get one step closer to actually getting something done.