Saturday Stuff

Well, if Wednesdays are now designated for something, we have to give Saturday its dues too. Saturday's a little trickier though. Only certain things can fall under the category of Writing Wednesdays (you know, things related to writing), but I have so many other things I want to talk about. There's life and love and things I've found on the web this week that I've enjoyed. That's what Saturdays are going to be for from now on. None of it should be about writing (thank God, right?) so you all can come here free of worry that I'll be over-dramatizing the writing process. That's on Wednesdays.

I'll get back into posting real things soon enough. This week has been more for housekeeping, so I'm sorry if it's boring, but I've been trying to tidy up this blog for a while now.

It feels good to have things in order for once.