Road Rage Against The Machine

I'm going to try something for once and just tell an entirely true story. No moral or closing thoughts or what it could all mean. Just a story of something I saw today. I call it "If Someone Was Killed in Anderson Today, I Know Why." I'm stuck in gridlock traffic on I-69 North, as I am every day at around the same time. I've come to spending my time at random stores around the Indianapolis area until it calms down. This isn't always a good idea, but that's neither here nor there.

So I'm mostly through the traffic. It's thinning out in front of and all around me. There's these two trucks ahead of me, next to each other. One's a black Ford F-350 (I think. I know nothing about cars) and the other's some kind of old silver beat up pickup truck. Everything looks normal between them. Just two cars driving side by side.

Then the driver of the silver pickup throws something off the black Ford's passenger window.

"Well, that's odd," I thought to myself, figuring it would end there. No, it wouldn't. This was but the beginning.

As I'm driving over the book, which I found out was the heaved object by the way it scattered into a mess all over the highway when I was forced to drive over it, I see the silver pickup race forward with the black Ford right on its tail. Well, it looks like there'll be some more to this incident after all.

Now I'm not one for driving even at the speed limit much anymore (what kind of hurry am I in anyway?), but I pushed the pedal down a little bit to see what's happening. When I catch back up, the silver pickup is matching pace with a semi-truck just to trap the black Ford behind it.

...and the rest of the rush hour traffic behind me.

I don't mind though. It's funny to watch the driver of the Ford wave the guy out of the way, clearly missing the point of what his tormentor is doing. It's when the silver truck driver obeys the "hey pal, move it" gestures that things take another complicated step.

The guy starts to move around the semi, much to the relief of the Ford driver (I'd imagine). Then he punches it. The Ford driver follows suit. They race ... right up to the next semi where the game starts anew. The rest of the traffic and I catch up shortly.

This goes on for about 12 miles. Once again, during rush hour.

Finally we get to the exit I'm taking. I hop into the right lane (behind the semi used to tortue us all) and exit right as the lines lead that way.

That's when the silver truck guns it, jumps ahead of the semi, and exits right before the grass. He made it so the black truck wouldn't be able to follow him. A wise and completely stupid move. He even waved to the other driver as he got off the exit. A job well done, I suppose.

This leaves me at the stoplight at the end of the exit next to this silver truck guy. I have to look. You just know I do. As casually as I can, I peek over that way. That's when I see the woman and two kids he has in the car with him.


But it's over. That's the last I'll see of this story and it'll just be something odd that happened. No more to tell.


No. We turn off the exit ramp and head down the road. Ahead of us is the exit ramp for I-69 S (you know, the opposite direction of the road all this happened on). Guess who turns onto our road from this exit?

Yeah. Seriously. The guy U-turned on a highway to continue this. So now he's in front of us. He's got greens, so he goes through the light, and just as he's past it, the silver truck pulls into the far left lane, the driver waves again, and he turns off. Gone. The story's over again.

Except that as I continued on my way past all of this, I watched the black Ford pull yet another U-turn to pick up the chase.