Responsibility (What's That?)

A semi-truck cut me off the other day. I'm pretty sure it was carrying around concrete of some type, but there's no way to be exactly sure. What it was carrying wasn't nearly as interesting as the bumper sticker it was toting though. It read "Stay Back 200'. Not responsible for windshield damage."

I'm sorry, but what? If something falls off of your truck and in through my windshield, it's not your fault? Even after you hopped into my lane barely five feet in front of me?

I'm not sure it exactly works that way just because you have the bumper sticker. If that were the case, I'd always be wearing a "Stay back 5'. Not responsible for face punches" shirt and use my lack of liability pretty regularly.

It's just ridiculous what people think they can get away with nowadays. We've become so relativistic that you can practically justify treating anyone any way you want as long as you have that "bumper sticker" to cover yourself should trouble arise.

What a weird way to live. Approaching a situation, well-aware that there could be a moment where what you're towing actually literally kills someone, and instead of making sure you're safer, you slap on a bumper sticker that might as well say "your fault."

And that's what it really is, isn't it? A way to shrug off the blame so we can all sleep at night. "They knew they could get hurt, so it's not my fault."

I think the scariest part of all of this is I know I've lived this way before. I put out warnings that I'm a bad roommate, then use it to justify being a bad roommate. I talk about how I was called bitchy so if I end up that way, you knew it was coming.

Maybe none of that means anything to you. The bumper sticker just got me thinking that maybe I don't take enough responsibility for my actions. And maybe if we all give that a try, it'll catch on.